Angry Birds Space SOFTEE DOUGH! + Epic SQUASH and Angry FRUITS!

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. EROCK says:

    Why r people interested on watching a kid playing with dough!?

  2. bartek wypusz says:

    masz ma?ego?

  3. Sue Peisley says:

    omg 53 mill views?!??

  4. TurBooO SMR says:

    most rat kid ever?

  5. Julio Martinez says:
  6. ALEXANDER Celi says:


  7. prasanna p.v. says:

    Check out this playlist on YouTube:?

  8. Jovan Huynh says:


  9. Richard Lewis says:

    Why are people hating on this? I think it’s completely adorable to see this
    kid review this toy. The way he does it is funny. Why is it any different
    to the funny things other Youtubers do??

  10. While I was watching this video,I was amazed that how detailed and tricky
    those toys are. And it’s like watching a childish cartoon or
    something….Damn those toys make me dizzy and high.?

  11. SpitRevegne says:

    I’m going to start making xbox360 and stem videos hope you guys like them
    plz subscribe ?????

  12. pirulo cebollita says:

    I think mostly pedophiles see this.?

  13. alex velez says:

    este tipo usa bots, es decir 51,063,986 vistas y solo 33,395 likes 806,447
    suscriptores y 2,294 comentarios!!!

    This type uses bots, ie 51,063,986 views and only 33,395 likes and 2,294
    comments 806.447 subscribers !!!?

  14. Rose Lawrence says:

    That little girl is a lesbo?

  15. christopher sanchez says:

    lol how did this get to 51 million views ??

  16. Ryan Mcwilliam says:

    When did you start youtube?

  17. Adam Evans says:

    Wait how come its says 49 million

  18. Paola Kuric says:
  19. Percy Chen says:

    super red bird looks weird a little bit?

  20. Osvaldo Capulin says:

    Play douge

  21. paradise slim says:

    how old r u evan

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