Angry Birds Star Wars 2 – out NOW!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is out now! Watch more Angry Birds Star Wars 2 videos at Angry Birds Star W…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Joshua Flores says:

    I lov? u bak! :3

  2. ????? ???????? says:


  3. Sergio Serrano says:

    that cool but the finn and jake are not that? cool then darth vader darth vader wins :3

  4. Nathan Rogers says:

    Nice? beat

  5. Viewtiful AJM says:

    Great, next? it’s gonna be Angry Birds Indiana Jones or Force Unleashed

  6. Samir Zaghloul says:


  7. 00em1er29 says:


  8. Raya's Ideas channel says:

    They are? floppy as jelly.. 😀

  9. Igly Collaku says:

    finaly its? for pc

  10. Mulyadi Anwar says:


  11. nabeun says:


  12. NeuralNetProcessor says:

    That told me nothing.? Dicks.

  13. BenceZoneHD says:

    1 nap és Angry Birds Star Wars 2 – megjelnik.
    de már? megvan 1 hónap 5 napja.

  14. Maria Gagliardi says:


  15. karem lopez says:


  16. Cosmo Valenzuela says:

    Aaaawwwww they look so cute?

  17. Alifiandi Syahputra says:

    I’ts? for Episode III Revenge of the Sith!

  18. aljada16jg says:

    I dont know how red turned into a pig?

  19. ????? ?????? says:

    Darth Vader is Anakin. Why he has pig sounds, eh??

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