Angry Birds Transformers – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 – Lockdown Rescue! (iOS)

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on Angry Birds Transformers! Part 5 features gameplay of characters …

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  1. ZackScottGames says:

    It’s taking more and more to rescue these guys! Roll out!?

  2. Fernando Diego Guillen says:

    Anyone else think that it’s weird how the eggbots have turned on their kind
    as well as the pigs??

  3. MaxzDoesGames says:

    Zack can you play Godus on the App Store??

  4. kevin le says:

    Where is your plants vs zombies garden warfare??

  5. Brandon Nelson says:

    I was hoping for pvz garden warfare video?

  6. Brandon etwaru says:

    your good but said no next turn to andrew ?

  7. Sean Allen says:

    223th view?

  8. Luis Menendez Linares says:

    Zack Angry Birds Epic Has 2 Caves Now,I Just Updated It!!!!?

  9. Austin Sumek says:

    Angry birds epic got a new update, they released new chronicle caves as
    well as another event coming soon. Well, depends on where you live, of

  10. Kaiyes Bhuiyan says:

    Level up optimus?

  11. Khay Muhammad says:

    Well there ship is a decepticon right from g1?

  12. Adventure Hero says:

    Only autobots thank autobots same goes for the deceptions?

  13. AndreaPrime101 says:

    36:03 Reference to AOE with Lockdown at the farm!?

  14. Percy Jackson says:

    Deceptihogs and autobirds don’t high 5 together only autobird and autobird
    and deceptipig and deceptipig?

  15. Jos ts says:


  16. john smith says:

    This game is awesome! nice video zack! has 19,000 views now?

  17. IAmDragonstein A says:

    3rd comment .?

  18. ?????? ??????? says:


  19. ShawnyShows says:

    First comment?

  20. Kristine wood says:

    Your doing a great job! :)?

  21. Peyton Bullock says:

    Zack i enjoying this series and also i like that Eric is helping you?

  22. Jj971 Crump says:

    When you upgrade your transformers with a move you can use it up to 3 times
    if their maxed?

  23. Johan Winarto NG says:

    Zack please do more Angry Birds Transformers!?

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