Bird Watching – A Past Revealed

Bird watching is a sport that is popular from the early 1900s. The term was first used in 1901 but more often in the context of hunting of birds. Later on it had a more definitive meaning of watching the birds. From the behavioral changes to the technological changes, the entire concept has been revamped. But what remains intact is the love for nature and birds. They never hesitate even if this means traveling to far off lands to catch a glimpse of their feathered friends.

This phenomenon is called twitching and the bird watcher is twitcher. The competitive spirit results in healthy competition among them in terms of who has first seen a particular species or whose list of birds has more ticks.Victorian era was a witness to this form of bird watching. But in late 1800s, bird protection became more prevalent due to the efforts of people with love for birds. Many societies were formed to accomplish this task. National Audubon Society was formed in US and Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) was formed in England. Edmund Selous made the term “bird watching” popular by using it in the title of his first ever book 1901.

As the trend caught up and more and more people begin to take this up as a hobby, lots of books came into the market and some good ones like “Where to watch birds” by John Gooders turned out to be best sellers. Ornithological courses came into picture and many people started considering this field as a career option. Most of the birding activity was earlier on the east coast in US. But after World War II, with the easy availability of equipment mainly binoculars, the number of bird watchers grew manifolds.

When earlier only 4% of Americans were interested, this number became 11% in a decade and it is still rising. As opposed to what the perception is, bird watching has always been equally liked and pursued by women. Had it not been the guidebook of Florence Merriam, no beginners would opt this hobby. The first bird sanctuary became a reality by the efforts of Rosalie Edge whose determination protected the birds from mindless killing. There are now about 80 million bird curious Americans that love to go to the outdoors and do some watching. It is not only the America but the entire world is now contributing to this relaxing yet enchanting hobby. Festivals and guided tours are organized for the keen bird watchers and this is a very flourishing business.

This was at one time a very popular British sport. And now it is being embraced by the entire world with open arms. The bird watchers participate in tours, societies, and competitive events and contribute to the research material. All the information that is available today is not only because of the researchers but also avid bird watchers.

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