Bird watching tips. Weekend Earth

Weekend Earth Birdwatching, how to. A day out with the birds and binoculars, attracting birds, watching birds with Dan Whitney, Jay Johnson, Alison Charles. Learn how to get two pair of monoculars from one binocular.

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  1. Dave Hawksworth says:

    Those are the Tufted Titmice that they are talking about in the video.?

  2. acerb45666555 says:

    3:31……….What is that bird? The coloring? matches the bird I saw today up here.

  3. acerb45666555 says:

    I think another of you’re USA birds is up here due to climate change. The first was the Northern Mockingbird I saw here this December. And just now, I saw a bird the size of a Robin but with powder white chest and a smokey dark grey back and white markings on its wings. It moves? very smoothly. I think its a large Wren?

  4. whisperingpictures says:

    What’s the point? of Alison wearing a camo jacket and leaving her legs exposed? Not that I’m complaining – they’re great legs!

  5. dwhiteknee1 says:

    That figures – and also explains? why I’ve only had ONE marriage proposal in this life time. (ha) That other “bloke” is my younger brother, Jay. Unless – of course you’re a guy and you’re referring to the lovely Alison Charles.

  6. Pandelis Katsianis says:

    no i meant the other bloke? hahahahah

  7. dwhiteknee1 says:

    thank you, that was my second marriage proposal in this life. I saw your vids – at least I tried. Like mine, they kept stopping. Can’t keep up with the techy stuff and nature at the? same time. keep at it. Dan.

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