Birding – The Technical Name For Bird Watching As A Serious Birder

For a person who cares about nature and the natural world, you probably like to spend time out in parks and other nature areas. One of those activities that you may partake in while out in nature is birding, the technical name for bird watching. When you spend time in these areas, nature probably feels closer to your heart and soul. By being in these areas birding, you are sure to learn more about the birds and their habitats. In addition to it being an educational experience, you are sure to enjoy time just watching the birds go about their day.

Birding has been a growing hobby for many people throughout the world. Many enthusiastic nature lovers spend much time on weekends and holidays watching and photographing the different birds that they come across on their excursions. Birding many be the technical name for bird watching, but most people just enjoy watching the birds in their habitats, whatever it is called. It is just enjoyable to spend time observing the many birds.

Bird Watching Or Birding

Bird watching, or birding, is observing and studying the different bird species by either the naked eye or with the help of binoculars or scopes. The scientists who study bird watching as a profession are called ornithologists. Birders or bird watchers usually are either casual or dedicated about this hobby and engage in it for personal interest and often to spend time with others who are interested in this endeavor, too.

Birders often try to distinguish themselves from bird watchers as being more dedicated to this hobby and knowledgeable about the different bird species. Some of the things that birders are more knowledgeable about are the small details of the bird’s habitats, migration patterns, breeding habits and physical appearance. As well, many serious birders will often travel great distances to see the birds. Bird watchers on the other hand usually watch the birds closer to home in nearby parks or even their backyards.

Groups To Join

If you find that you are intrigued by learning more about bird watching as a hobby, you may want to go out with a few different bird watching groups. There are many groups and clubs around the world that are focused on birds and there is probably a local or national group nearby to you. In addition to meeting other people who share your interest, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the many bird species and their various differences. In addition, you will learn about what equipment will enhance your experience and find out about the different birding competitions that are held in different locations.

In Canada and the United States you may like to attend a National Audubon Society outing to watch the birds and meet some new friends. If you are in the British Isles you may want to check out the British Trust for Ornithology or Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to learn more about birds and birding. As well, on a global scale, you may be interested in learning more about or joining BirdLife International which operates in over one hundred countries and territories throughout the world. It is a is an alliance of nature groups that works towards conserving birds, their habitats and biodiversity all over Earth, and working with humans for a sustainable use of the environment.

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