Birding Warblers

To help celebrate the imminent arrival of spring migrants, Jessie Barry and Chris Wood from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology share their warbler-watching tips. Join Chris and Jessie as they explore a wood-lot in Rochester, New York. Click here to see the map and a full list of everything they saw:

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  1. Dany Dany says:

    Superbe? Vidéo J’ai aimé Bravo

  2. 19bluebug says:

    Congratulations!What you are doing for the birds is? amazing.

  3. na2015jass says:


  4. BirdsNation says:

    your? videos are such an interesting journey

  5. ragavi sivanandam says:

    cute video <3?

  6. Rasmanen7 says:

    Very nice, especially for a? European birder who would be overjoyed to see just one of these little gems turn up this year in October. Btw, the first Blackburnian Warbler in the video appears to be banded

  7. spearfishies says:

    Please encourage the? New Zealand government (National, Labour greens) from spreading 1080 poison over our forests, streams and waterways.

    See the result here:

  8. mike42086 says:

    Goldfinch?? feeds baby sun flower seeds



  10. Pandamonde says:

    very nice!? great tips and superb video quality.

  11. kingoflimbs1 says:

    I like to blow raspberries at Red-Bellied WP’s. 😉 Really gets their attention for some reason.?

  12. Emadonn Mc says:

    i apreciate? your work!!!good guys !!!

  13. RememberTheTime99 says:


  14. RememberTheTime99 says:

    I hear a soft, fast? insect-sounding blackpoll warbler at 4;27 in the background, immediately followed by a more prominent, slower, black-throated blue warbler (zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-ZEE).

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