Birdwatching (Yorkshire) UK.

Doing what I like most, getting out in the country, having a nice relaxing day birdwatching.

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  1. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Thank you for taking the time to watch the vid, the Merlin came and went in a flash, …………Spring is just round the corner so I am hoping to get a lot more? filming done, hope you have a great weekend !

  2. vicki croke says:

    love this video. i never would have recognized the little merlin! my favorite part is when a few of the birds flying in formation drop? out and then synch back in.

  3. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Thank you very much for the nice? comments……..I’m glad you like the vids and find them relaxing !

  4. fksi023 says:

    Thanks for? the nice comment on my CH.
    Please let me register CH.Your channel is beautiful!
    Have a wonderful?? day^^..¸.•*¨`*¸

  5. fksi023 says:

    Bird? watching is a wonderful.?It is an image that I can relax.¸.¤ª”˜?

  6. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Its? chill out time………..Breathe…Relax !

  7. Apisit Wilaijit says:

    relax series :)?

  8. Carl Roberts says:

    Good video and very well filmed 5***** Carl?

  9. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    thanks, yes I like the little? Grebe catching fish !

  10. TIM YOUNG says:

    Love the video. Got? to love the little grebe

  11. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Thats it you’ve been? there.

  12. Thor Peace says:

    and twitch now and then.?

  13. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Glad? you find them relaxing……..most people fall asleep !

  14. Thor Peace says:

    Very relaxing watching? you relaxing.

  15. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Thanks for taking the time to watch my friend? !

  16. binibuh says:

    Very very nice.
    I love your videos allsome.
    Greetings my? friend, all the best to you.

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