Crows Attack the Students – The Birds (6/11) Movie CLIP (1963) HD

The Birds Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe Melanie (Tippi Hedren) and Annie (Suzanne Pleshette) lead the…
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  1. 09kfactor says:

    Wouldn’t honking a horn? attract their attention?

  2. chris leroy says:

    nick dudley and? tom david

  3. EchoBoomer1987 says:


  4. TheOfficalZombie09 says:

    Bird rape? Wtf is going on in this film?!?

  5. master82565 says:

    great movie ,but why birds attack people? ?

  6. theminecraftfanboy says:

    Just put up a scarecrow!?

  7. PastaHairbrush says:

    Dude, if? you saw the movie, you would see an old bag saying the same thing like you.

  8. PastaHairbrush says:

    I was scared for the children even if that was a Hollywood movie.;. especially for theirs? eyes

  9. Graeme Thompson says:


  10. camerondelagarza29 says:

    The kids don’t even look scared,? they’re smiling.

  11. itsmegp46 says:

    Early sixties Dodge. My dad drove a 4 door hardtop of the same model. One of? the best features was its push button automatic transmission. Instead of a column shift or a floor shift, there was a series of push buttons. R N D 2 1. Great stuff.

  12. itsmegp46 says:

    You’re? right and another girl in this scene was Morgan Brittany.

  13. itsmegp46 says:

    Very cool answer. This was a science? fiction flick made by the great Alfred Hitchcock. You know, a movie…..duh.

  14. Arjetube says:

    Really great. But He should have added? more blood, gore and bird droppings? to make it more realistic…

  15. Tyler Arnold says:

    Back then, people couldn’t believe that Hitchcock? would make crows attack children.

  16. GenyaArikado says:

    =) !?

  17. siltopian7 says:

    wow? you are soooooo coool -_-

  18. Connor Bond says:

    “Hey? guys, where we runnin’ to?”

  19. jean-claude schwartz says:

    Crows don’t kill people?

  20. SuperNovaOfFabulous says:

    Bioshock reference haha?

  21. Tom Parker says:

    You could say that really was? a “murder” of crows 😀

    …I’m so sorry for that,

  22. Will Morgan says:

    On a mini break last August in Cornwall uk, seagulls were dive bombing holidaysmakers for the snacks they were eating. They were very aggressive and swooped down hitting one woman in the face with such force she was knocked to the ground, she screamed? in shock and was stunned. When birds wanna be nasty they can be and the beaks on those seabirds were massive. Hitch got it right!

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