People should go “Birding” (#Birding_Contest)

Contest Rules start at 3:33 Instagram your Birding pictures, and use #Birding_Contest as the photos hashtag. The final day to submit your pictures is going to be Aug 31st, and I’ll be announcing the winner the following day on Sept 1st. The winner will receive my Sony Bloggie, 720p HD 360 Degree vertical cam as well as an autographed picture on a 8×11″ sheet of paper. I will be contacting the winner directly to discuss the drawing. GOOD LUCK! Have fun! Be creative =)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jaipal Bala says:

    Who won? dude, please do more contests!

  2. ThepropGames says:

    Can you make? a new contest ? soon

  3. SunshineAndBreeze says:

    I’m not sure, but since it’s a touch phone,? it just might.

  4. Walleeto says:

    so a sony ericsson xperia x8 can have that? app?

  5. Luis Alejandro Altamirano says:

    @aznpatrik00 he makes his? own beats

  6. SunshineAndBreeze says:


  7. hoang le says:

    songs? in this vid?

  8. Mladen Marin?i? says:

    Hey i was? asking my self… Can ppl from other countries participate too? Cause i think i’m far away and if i would win it would be expensive to send the stuff here :/…

  9. remart rosario says:

    danggg!!! im from seattle and im filipino too, im your number 1 fan u though… i? know i got a chance to meet you here but i don’t know how to contact u or something like that!!! pero pinoy pride tau men don’t worry i will support ur blogs and hair tutorials.

  10. Walleeto says:

    stupid question, but is instagram just for? apple products?

  11. LightningBlade963 says:

    Hello Seattle in the background? x)

  12. vjjpunisher says:

    Post a video of your? Seattle Haul?

  13. Aaden25 says:

    Sorry but I live? in Australia, can I still enter????

  14. Aaden25 says:

    Soo keen to start Birding, going to head? out this weekend and try to take some wicked pics 🙂

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