Stookie – Episode 1

Stookie - Episode 1

Two posh kids, Kirsty and her brother David, are bird watching by the Clyde, but stray too far and go into the territory of Big Harper and his gang of kids from the local estate. Big Harper doesn’t want outsiders intruding, but the ever brave Stookie Doyle sticks up for the studious pair, putting himself in danger. Meanwhile valuable artwork has been stolen from the Burrell Collection and the thieves are on the run. First in the children’s drama series based on a story by James Graham. Stookie, the rough around the edges hero, was given his nickname after accidently breaking Big Harper’s arm leading to him wearing a cast.

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  1. cdstum says:

    I remember the actor who played Stookie coming to my primary school in Paisley 1985 and all the kids crowding and following him around? the playground for his autograph. It was like a major film star had turned up.

  2. Toby Jug says:

    It’s not letting me watch ?? Help?

  3. halfwayloyal says:

    Thanks for that. ?

  4. Mark Ryan says:

    Thomas Vaughan who played Charlie was from Helensburgh, he’s now a Hollywood director.?

  5. Mark Mckeown says:

    Thomas Vaughan who? played Charlie was from Helensburgh. He’s now a Hollywood director.

  6. halfwayloyal says:

    Just? watched all 6 episodes back to back. This was on when I was still at school. I’m only sorry we never got to see the mad ned Harper and Ruth Fowler off Eastenders get there comeuppance. And The boy who played Charlie wasn’t exactly from the East end of Glasgow, was he ? But still enjoyed it all the same.
    Ps. Saw David McKay in Minnesotta Fats a few years ago where he done Sex Pistols My Way on kareoke.

  7. Mark Ryan says:

    It was filmed in 1984 and aired? in September of ’85 for 6 weeks

  8. colshythecomedian says:

    thanx? for replying mate. It’s good that you made your talents go to good use then. Goodluck with your music.

  9. Mark Ryan says:

    Tom was the wee guy with the glasses 🙂 I’m now a musician. I didn’t pursue a career in acting as I had other plans, but I sometimes wish I had as it was great? fun. The summer of 1984 was one of the best of my life.

  10. colshythecomedian says:

    which one was Tom? The little kid? What? are you doing now? I often watch these old programmes and wonder what the people who are in them are doing now. I am genuinely interested. Thanx 🙂

  11. colshythecomedian says:

    I was amazed at watching this all over? again. I couldn’t remember the story line the first time around . So, was suprised to see they made 6-8 episodes from one half hearted story line lol.

  12. colshythecomedian says:

    one of the last scenes. I think there was 6? or 8 episodes in total.


    1982 or? 83

  14. ukwarrior25 says:

    I remember watching this when i was younger. Where’s the sence when two of them are fighting on top of the boat and then fall off into the water??

  15. colshythecomedian says:

    what year was this? Used to watch it every week!

  16. ladyclyro11 says:

    loved? this sooo much as a kid

  17. SuperOlenka23 says:

    I made sure I was home for this,? thought Stookie was sooo cute lol

  18. lee2217 says:

    i searched the web for stookie thanks STV? for uploading there archive and sharing it with us

  19. madmomentsgo says:


  20. somebananna says:

    if only the polis turned up that quickly whenever ye got set aboot!?

  21. 623058 says:

    Do you know if this? will be happing this side of Xmas?>

  22. johnnyp030279 says:

    christ i remeber? this

  23. polara1se says:

    I´ve searched? the internet after this show. I saw it when I was younger. No chance of it coming out on DVD?

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