The Birder’s Way

About birds, about birding. We all want to be free, don’t we? High volume and good quality sound strongly recommended due to the excellence of the soundtrack. Comments welcome!

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  1. planBskater910 says:

    Amazing video,? well done!

  2. Daniel Roca says:

    Ebro? delta.

  3. 65634990 says:

    Thanks for the reply , where did you capture? the vid of the purple swamphen .

  4. Daniel Roca says:

    Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)
    I think pukeko? is the southeast Asia and Australian form of this species.

  5. 65634990 says:

    at 1.52 is that a? pukeko ?

  6. Daniel Roca says:


  7. decadenST says:

    Much? respect from a Japanese birder.

  8. Daniel Roca says:

    Stay tuned. There’s more to come, this time on? Vimeo.

  9. Brenda Olson says:

    I love this video!?

  10. Daniel Roca says:


  11. MrRayPeterson says:

    Good? good good!

  12. emberizahortulana says:

    Brilliant!? Thanks for making this.

  13. Daniel Roca says:

    I think it’s a migrating Terek sandpiper? 😉

  14. Daniel Roca says:

    This is not a Zeiss promotional video. Swarovski, Kowa, Nikon, etc., are? top brands too! 🙂

  15. Dimitridoesntdrink says:

    Is that a bird flying? in front of the moon at the end?

  16. Andrea70Video says:

    Very nice! It can work as a? Zeiss commercial! 😉

  17. AlbatrosTube says:

    Wow! A Zeiss scope just like mine! Good clip? and good music,

  18. Dani Valverde says:

    Great? stuff!

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