Top Tips For Successful Bird Watching and Birding

Bird Watching is Fun

Birds are fun and bird watching can be a great way to get out into the countryside to enjoy the great outdoors with the benefit of seeing what the local birds are up to. Seeing birds flying and going about their daily routine, even at your bird feeders and bird houses, can be fascinating and already provides great enjoyment to many.

Bird watching has become a very popular past time and this is set to increase. More of us find that we have more leisure time available and are keen to participate. We also appreciate that taking an interest in nature is one of the best ways to get started on a path to help protect the environment and the habitat that birds require to succeed.

If you are new to bird watching or birding then it will help you if you have some idea of the best way to approach your new hobby to ensure that when you go out looking for birds you will be successful in seeing some. Putting up a bird feeder in your yard is a good way to start but once your interest increases you will want to go further afield to see more and different birds.

Get out Early

If you are really keen and want the best chance of seeing the largest number of birds then you need to get out their early. Wherever you are going to watch birds, whether in your yard, on the coast, in local woodland or a park or other open space, you will definitely see a lot more birds if you are there early in the morning.

Obviously get a good nights rest during the previous night and get up as early as you can so that you are in position at your bird watching locality before the sun comes up. Yes that early! The reason for starting birding at this time is that the highest numbers of birds are active in the couple of hours right after sunrise. After this time, especially as the sun gets higher in the sky, the number of birds for a birder to see will be less.

No Bright Clothing

When out bird watching make sure that you do not wear bright colored clothes as this will make it much easy for the birds to see you and any movement you make could scare them away even before you see them.

As a birder you should try and wear clothing that has a more natural and darker color that fits in with the area and foliage where you will be bird watching.

You need to blend into the scenery so that the birds are less aware of your presence and will not notice you when you move quite so easily. Full combat camouflage gear is not necessary but if you are really serious and want to get closer to some elusive bird then this might be what you have to do.

Be Quiet

While you are bird watching always move slowly and above all quietly. If you are with a friend and continuously talking you will never see many birds as the noise you make will scare them off and the fact that you are talking will drown out any noise the birds might make so you will never hear them either.

So if you have to communicate with other birders with you just whisper quietly and when close to birds you are trying to see use hand signals or gestures to indicate where the birds are, but do not move you arms around to point out locations as if the birds see this then they will be gone!

A good plan is to always stay behind objects such as a bush or a tree and look around or through them to hide your silhouette from the birds as once they see you they will become more nervous.

Stay On the Trail

Always stick to the trail to avoid disturbing the bird habitat and never go crashing through the undergrowth in pursuit of a bird. In fact never chase or try to flush out a bird as this will disturb the birds and could stress them unnecessarily.

The best approach is to get yourself into a good position and let the birds come to you. This requires more patience but it is an approach that definitely works and you will see many more birds this way. Having said that if you do not have bird feeders or bird houses in your yard you should definitely put some up in appropriate locations and start feeding the birds as this will get many more birds into your back yard and make them much easier for you to see.

Never approach too close to a bird and never go near a birds nest during the breeding season but just leave them in peace to get on with their nesting. The birds welfare should always be paramount and you should do whatever you can to ensure that the birds you are watching are not disturbed by your actions.

Get Some Binoculars or a Scope

It is easy and safer to see birds from a distance and this is why you should invest in a good pair of binoculars and as you get more serious about watching birds you might also want to buy a spotting scope to get the closest views of birds possible.

Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime for any nature lover. Birding can be inexpensive and at some times challenging but above all it is always enjoyable and fun.

Even if you just start by watching the birds at your bird feeders or bird houses during the nesting season you will get great enjoyment from bird watching.


Go birding. You will not regret it!

Before you go birding get some good advice and if you want to watch birds at home look at discount bird feeders for your yard and also consider discount bird houses for extra bird watching enjoyment during the bird nesting season.

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