Yellow-rumped Warbler Outside My Window

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronate) This bird is a frequent visitor but his visits are so short at the feeder I can’t capture good clips of him. I finally caught a couple of clips of him waiting in line for the feeder. For more information see:
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  1. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Youtube has been? stinking since Google got involved. ~ Ed

  2. MrLullaby007 says:

    Ive the same problem that I thought that I wasn’t subscribed=) Youtube stinks the last? days=)

  3. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you Menu!. Have a wonderful week my? sweet friend. ~ Ed

  4. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Dear Cissy, thank you, I guess you? yearn even more now that the south is in a deep freeze! Wish you a wonderful week my friend. ~ Ed

  5. Menora James says:

    What a beautiful bird? that you have captured my dear..He is so cute and even this little is a joy to watch and I really liked this Warbler.Thanks for the wonderful bird video 🙂 Love Menu!

  6. Allaboutlovingmusic says:

    Watching this video really makes my? heart yearn for spring

  7. bibimarlou says:

    You are so very? welcome my dear freind Ed !!!!

  8. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you Jarek for your wonderful comment.? ~ Ed

  9. ToniPies2000 says:

    …jaki pi?kny , wspania?a muzyka – pozdrawiam Jarek? :)))

  10. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you! Have a great? weekend. ~ Ed

  11. skypilottrickdogs says:

    What a gorgeous? video.

  12. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you Moa!? Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ~ Ed

  13. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thanks Sandra for your great comment! ? Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Ed

  14. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Dear Cissy, thank you for your lovely comment. I am pleased that you like my nature videos. Have a great weekend too my dear friend! ? ~ Ed

  15. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you very much! Have a wonderful weekend! ~? Ed

  16. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Thank you Dan, I’m very pleased you liked it. ~ Ed?

  17. AmyBitsProductions says:

    Dear Maggie, It’s always a pleasure to read your lovely comments. ? Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Ed

  18. AmyBitsProductions says:

    I am? pleased that you are glad. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ~ Ed

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